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Junichi Nagase
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Junichi Nagase  (長 瀬 準 一 Nagase Junichi) is the main protagonist of the series. He is a high school sophomore who had a reputation as a delinquent in high school until Minato Nagase (Junichi's sister) thought of moving in with him. He has a sarcastic demeanor and is often teased by everyone around him, including his teacher. His life takes a drastic turn when Yuuhi Katagiri enters his life. They met for the first time when he saves her from some criminals who were bothering her. The next day, she is introduced as a transfer student to his class. Due to a misunderstanding, he kisses in front of the class, causing his opinion of Junichi to crack. This is further exacerbated when it turns out that their families have arranged their marriage. Despite this difficult start, Junichi finds himself protecting Yuuhi when she is harassed and, as time passes, his feelings for the other start grow even though neither of them will admit it. Throughout the anime series, it is hinted that Junichi has romantic feelings for his sister, Minato, but it is the right to admit this even though he sometimes has fantasies about her. In the final episode, he realizes that he can't live without Minato and confesses it to him. However, in the manga, he and Yuuhi end up together, as he also has feelings for her.